Facts about getting fat.


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Hello guys, I thought to write this post to alert you on the facts about getting fat(not good at all), so that if you are trying to get fat by eating way too much, you will  consider and reconsider. There four types of body size, you are either slim, thick, fat or big.


You know what, when you are fat, it shows that you don’t control yourself over food, now it’s the other way round (food controls you), gone were the days when some people are fat due to hereditary(rarely occurs), nowadays the first leading factor is food, and that’s not any other food but junk food.

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No wonder obesity is a mark of careless living, getting fat may deny you some job opportunities, when you are fat and then you apply for a nanny, you hardly get the job, the employee will be like” she can’t even control herself with food”..Yeah stuffs like that.

When you are fat, clothes stop fitting you perfectly; you don’t go for tight clothes anymore (too bad).

When you are fat, people can make jest of you, in some societies, the presence of  fat woman is often laughed at.

But I got good news for you”you are beautiful” what gives me joy is that there is a remedy to it, which is serious exercise and diet control(simple right). I have been watching ”Revenge body with Khloe Kardashian” on E!, that show made me believe so much that one can turn from fat to slim.

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But losing weight is not as easy as it sounds, I’ll advise you love your body, no atter what love your body and give it the right things to nourish it, ditch the junk foods(give it  a break), Click here to read the rules of weight loss, it will be best if you train with a fitness coach, but if you would like to do it by yourself, learn to be strict in obeying the rules of weight loss, also click here to read the reasons you might not be losing weight.

We are all beautiful like diamond in the sky, so shine bright with your body shape, I love you


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