How do you spend your time?


Hello guys, like how did you exhaust your time today, time is something you won’t get back, it passes and you don’t see it again, there is an English adage that say” time is a  commodity” Some say “time is money”  Now the question comes: how did you spend your time today? Doing useful or useless things? Sleeping?

Hourglass, Clock, Sand, Time, Knapp

Since time waits for no man, it has to be managed, to some people, time management is a problem, I think it is when you have a lot of things to do in a day, that’s when you will notice that time is a factor.


Today, a lot of things take our time, you know what, find out what you mostly do that takes your time, and know whether it is worth time wasting for. Some of us students spend time in things that don’t add to our academics, instead of reading.


Time is precious; do you spend your time sleeping for half a day? Remember that while you were sleeping, some one else was working, unfortunately, some people have spent 33 years of there life sleeping (yeah)


There are three things that won’t contribute to your life and they are: food, sleepand anger. If you eat too much food, you will get fat/overweight (calling on some heart diseases), if you sleep too much you will equally add weight, If you are always angry at people, you are robbing yourself of happiness in life ( think about it).


So guys, I thought to wake us up if we are really whiling away our time on things that are not necessary. I will always love you guys.




what do you think?

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