Wearing eye glasses the right way.

Hello, eye glasses lovers like me, I guess it’s our day huh?

Glasses, Eyes, Vision, Eye Glasses

Hi there, do you wear glasses at all? They are beautiful accessories to wear/check out? I think I have gotten addicted to wearing glasses (especially the students glasses) , especially when it’s time to go into the lab for a practical, glasses helps to improve someone’s personality, some times you just need glasses to look like a professional( in some areas of work). To wear eye glasses you have to choose the one that suits you best.

Sunglasses, Glasses, Eye Protection
Sun glasses

I think there are some eye glasses that are meant separately for men/women, or eye glasses that fit men or women the most, go for those ones. Choose the frames you love that fit you. Choose frames that fit your personality, are you a student?  Go for the student’s glasses, and this also applies to bankers, lawyers, doctors, computer engineers etc.


Sunglasses, Glasses, Sports Eyewear

And also choose cool colors that fit with your skin tone.

Doll, Pretty, Face, Eyes, Glasses


what do you think?

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