Habits of neat people.

For how long have you been using your bath towel?

How many days do you wear your underwear before changing it?


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The act of being neat is formed by practice which then makes it a habit, some people are known and are liked because of their level of neatness, mere looking at you one can easily say whether you are a neat conscious person, because it starts with your appearance, when you visit the house of a neat woman, everything is well arranged, no scattered clothes, her house is cool and fresh with good odor, the windows are clear and transparent, the curtains are clean and there are no dusty chairs and everywhere feels cool.

To always keep a neat bedroom this is what you will do,immediately you wake up in the morning make your bed,immediately you come back from work put your shoe,bag,cloth,jewelry back to where they ought to be.

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The habits of neat people


It is said that one forms a habit within 21 days now these habits are of the neat people.



  • They don’t wear their underwear for more than a day: This habit will make you to always feel comfortable and fresh with a sound odor all day long, if you wear an underwear for two days it may stink a bit because of sweat, and also it may cause you skin rashes(depending on your body type). Special under wears like pant, bra, singlet, shimi and others should be worn only once, make it a habit to always wash your underwear after wearing it for the day.
  • They always wear neat clothes and are well groomed: Remember that look your boss or teacher gives you when you appear in a rumpled cloth, neat people wear a well ironed cloth, when I say that they are well groomed I mean that they do the following things (cut their nails when due, comb their hairs and keep it neat, take good care of pimples and their toenails).Neat people make sure they wear a well polished pair of shoe with a neat bag. To form these habits always watch yourself in a mirror before going out for the day.
  • Their house is always neat: Some people leave their house in a scattered way before going out saying that they will clean it up when the get back, but neat people don’t have that ideology because their house is always in an ordered manner, their house is always cool and fresh with good odour, the windows are free from dust and transparent.                                                                                                                                          To avoid the laziness of making your bed after waking up, dress your bed immediately you wake up and must have finished praying(if you really do) so it won’t bother you for the rest of the day, your clothes should be neatly arranged in your wardrobe (always treat your clothes with care).


  • They take good care of their body: Taking care of your body starts with bathing at least three times a day, brushing your teeth two times a day(morning/night)washing your hair once in a week(optional)taking good care of your nails(finger/toe nails)washing your face in the mornings and at night.

Some neat people hardly get sick because they do things that promote their health,like I said it starts with practice. Howdy practice the above for 21 days!





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  1. Hi…nice post, i love your style when it comes to making posts…so today’s about the neat people…your article was helpful to me..thanks.😇


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