Happy birthday to me!!!

Happy birthday to me!!! (lillian, nwendubrights, chinwendu!!!).

Birthday, Birthday Greeting

Hello guys, and today it’s a happy day for me, and I guess you know why, (it’s my birthday!!) So in today’s post, am going personal (my mojo), you must have noticed that am not good at making personal posts. I’ll try today.

Newests 308

OMG I thank God for adding a new year to my life, every birthday of mine remind me of something I wouldn’t like to forget, I remember when I celebrated my 10th birthday, it was wonderful and beautiful.


During the years, I have met so many people, great personalities and I have made great friends both in the blogosphere (blogging)/social media and the real world, People like Nurse Queen, Florence, Cynthia, Ebuka, sis chidimma they all are my great friends, last two years I started blogging and I met people like sundershana visit her blog here,  oriana  visit her blog here  they are my favorite bloggers and they make great posts.



Yeah, weeks turn to months and months turns to years(time is a commodity indeed), as one grows up he/she changes in so many ways, that childish mentality slowly fades away and that’s when we say the word ”mature minds”  , now there are things that I did in my childhood and whenever I remember it I just put a smiling face, but all’s just for the fun of it right.

Birthday gifts and wishes coming my way haha!.






6 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    I love the focus of your blog posts- empowering others to have healthy bodies and minds. I am your mentor for this challenge, so you might see me commenting on some of your tasks. I am a high school English teacher in the U.S. I also teach yoga in my free time (so I can totally understand your desire to be emotionally and physically healthy)!

    I really enjoyed reading your About Me page, but didn’t see a place to comment. Can you change your settings so that other people could comment on your page?

    Here’s a link to my blogsite and my students’ blogs if you’d like to check out what we are writing about!

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