Our desires

Hello, I know you have your desires, I mean something you want and crave for, well I gat mine too, so many of them, having desires is good(oh i want this, that, that one), but ask your self  this” Is it worth desiring?”, sometimes we desire for something that won’t add to our lives(sometimes).

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When you desire for something, you really work hard to get it right? but what if you don’t have the resource(or means) through which you will get that thing? That is when self-discipline and control comes in, when you discipline yourself in such situations, you won’t mess things up, some people steal today because of uncontrolled desire for money and lack of discipline(do you agree with me?).

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Now tell yourself the truth, get a pen and a paper,write out the things you desire, tell your self the truth by ticking the good, great ones that will add so much value to your life, work towards getting them, not all desires are easy to get, when one desires clothes, rich food, car and other material things I belive that the only hinderance to getting it maybe money and availability.


Where there are some desires that are not easy to get, ones like: I want to marry, I want to be a professional in my course(things like that). they are gotten with patience, sound discipline and self-control(that’s all).

Desires can come at any time, and we still find ways do fufill them, with the words above i belive that we can control our desires and fufill them.

Lot’s of desires!




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