New month vibes!

Oh my God! are we really in the month of march, I just remembered first day of January, and all the resolutions I made, but let me ask you this, i hope you are really working on your new year resolutions?

March, Month, Year, Calendar Year

You know  why my joy has no bond; well that because  my birthday comes up on the 10 of march being this month(xo happy, rejoice with me), this march I got so many plans to execute, pertaining to my lifestyle, academics and blogging and most of all my healthstyle. This month am goanna execute  following:


  • Bake more: I have been having the urge to bake cause it’s been long i baked(am coming back to that)
  • Eat from mother earth: Am seriously goanna cut down on processed food.
  • More exercise: I just made a sort of exersice routine to guide me with it
  • Control food, not the other way round

Nutrition, Month, March, Food, Bread

  • Read more at night: I mean reading till day breaks(TDB)
  • Spend wisely: Am goanna spend wisely this month, like never before(my exams comes up by the end of this month)
  • Blog more: Like hey, my blog’s goanna fill me this month
  • Make great friends in school
  • Make beads and caps for selling: I think i need the money so i will be going back to my bead making anyways.
  • Run more
  • cook my own food more
  • Call some old friends

Come on, this month is a month of marching forward so let’s rock the ride.



what do you think?

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