How to enjoy your stay in a dormitory.


Hello guys, so, today I thought to say something about enjoying your stay in the dormitory/lodge/hostel in college or high school.

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I think the best level of education in which you will really enjoy your stay in a dorm is the college level of education, at this stage you are now mature enough to take your own decisions, so that’s why you are fit to live in the dormitory. When you enjoy your stay in the school dorm it will likely show in your results; to enjoy your dormitory school life:

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Be friendly to other students/ dorm mates: Yeah, when you are in a dormitory you need to be friendly, being mean all the time won’t help you, if you are not friendly, you will be ignored and at the end you will suffer from boredom, even if you have other things to keep you busy, you need friends and dorm mates you are good with to be happy, being friendly with people goes a long way in giving you advantages throughout your whole stay in school, however, make friends with the right people but be friendly to all.

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Work with your neighbors in the dorm: Don’t try to be on your own (except for some things), do things together with your dorm mates especially those close to you, when you work in unity, problems or quarrels will hardly arise. However, there are some dorm mates that exhibit some characters which show disunity, you can know how to handle them.

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Attend/participate school functions/activities: It’s a good getaway, since you are not at home, attending school functions and participating in them is a great way to have fun with friends and enjoy your stay in the school.



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Stay away from trouble: Hey, don’t try to gossip with anybody’s name, it’s such a good way to cause trouble between students, (so avoid it). Do unto others what you would like them to do to you, if your neighbor in the dorm hates it when you don’t ask for permission before taking his/her stuff, please ask for permissions.

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Do things the right way: Handle matters wisely, do things your own way, don’t try to be a man pleaser because you can’t please all men, and don’t allow anybody to intimidate you (it can happen), just know your rights. Secure your properties and please spend wisely, while I was in school, there was a week we call the “hungry week” it’s a week before exams starts, at that time almost all of our allowances are exhausted and our provisions are just remaining but a little, so wise spending can prevent you from being broke. The hungry week doesn’t affect the wise spenders, but it’s almost normal.


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Have fun while in the dorm: You know what; there are things that make the dormitory fun, while I was in school, some times we struggle for a limited resource (kind of fun), it makes you smart, Do things that you enjoy and do things your own way.


There are other ways by which you can enjoy your stay in a dorm, experience should tell I guess, tell me others in the comment sections, I am a dorm girl too.




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