Best android games by me.

Hello lovelies,

Android users/iPhone users(I rep android), I do play mobile games very well so that’s why i thought to make this post, find a game you love? play it. mobile game lovers let’s roll down to the best mobile games.

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Candycrush soda

Candy Crush, Device, Electronics, Game

Cooking fever

iPhone Screenshot 1

The game app is designed for both iPad and iPhone, it’s a cooking game where you get to cook various dishes like in their restaurants they gat the sushi restaurant , the bakery house, the chinese restaurant, the sea food house, you will enjoy this game.

Subway surfers

Subway Surfers screenshot 1

Jetpack joyride

What I love most about this game is the background music, makes it lively and tons of levels to keep you busy.

Temple run

  Temple Run- screenshot thumbnail

Zuma deluxe

Earth and legend

  Earth And Legend- screenshot thumbnail

This is a typical movie like game, it’s a game of war/fight and completing missions.

so guys these are the games I love most and love playing when am chanced, i know you gat yours, tell me too(like i would love to know yours)



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