How I make my vaseline.

Alcohol Gel, Hygiene, Disinfect, Clean

During the winter season, that’s when I normally use vaseline because of its great importance to me, vasline is a gel like body lotion, I use it during winters because it protects me from the harsh weather now here’s how i make it.



Petroleum jelly

paraffin oil

Candle wax

Pears perfume(or any other perfume you love its scent)


Now get a pot and place on top of your cooker, add the petroleum jelly(it will melt immediately), stir and add the paraffin oil, then add the candle wax followed by the pears perfume, allow to boil for some time(7 mins) then put off the heat and bring down the pot, fill it into cans so it can solidify to form an oily jelly in it


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