The right way to make a fruit juice.

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Hello everyone, so today I thought to write about making juice the right way so that it will benefit the body, to me, drinking a canned fruit juice is just  like drinking up calories, cause some of them are not healthy. fruit juice and smoothies are almost the same, visit this page to see how to make a healthy smoothie.

So today am starting with orange, let’s make the orange juice now ha.

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Buy fresh/sweet oranges from the grocery store/supermarket, wash it and cut it into two halves,then get a juice squeeze.


Citrus Press, Lemon Squeezer
something like this, to get out the juice in the orange.

Place the cut side of the orange on top of it and the squeeze.

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Now the juice is out.

Set the juice aside and make a syrup, this is how you make a syrup: get a kettle/pot, add water to it, then add a little amount of sugar to it and then boil, when it has boiled pour in the juice and the stir, leave to cool, and serve when chilled.

Note that: it’s not a must to add syrup to it, if you prefer taking the juice like that it’s even better, the syrup is just there to increase the quantity of the juice and sweeten it more.


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