How to prevent your clothes from being rumpled.

Wait, who loves wearing rumpled clothes? Rumpled clothes are not nice to wear at all, so many things make clothes to be rumpled; when clothes are packed or heaped up without proper folding, the clothes gets rumpled, when you squeeze a cloth so much to get out the water in it, it becomes rumpled,note this: not all cloth material rumple so badly, the only way to straighten a rumpled cloth is by ironing it with a hot pressing iron, but what happens when you don’t have a pressing iron or when yours is not available? read more here on how to make your clothes last long.

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That’s why you should prevent if from rumpling at all, sometimes when a pressing iron is not available, to straighten my cloth I will place it under my pillow and sleep,by the next morning the clothe will be straight already (my hack). so lets see how to prevent a cloth from being rumpled.

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A satin

By hanging it after laundry: When you hang your clothes, it hardly get rumpled, but when you pack it in a bag, it must rumple in any way. now if you wouldn’t want your clothes to take your time while preparing for work because it needs ironing, simply buy hangers and always hang your clothes.

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By squeezing gently while rinsing or not squeezing at all:  Sometime I don’t squeeze out water from my cloth, I’ll just hang it that way , that’s a good way to straighten it.

By hanging it with a hanger: When you finish doing laundry, hang your clothes outside using a hanger or use pegs.

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Or use pegs to hang it this way.

 Then , if your electric or manual pressing iron is available , you can iron your clothes, but it’s better to prevent it from rumpling. students take note.



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