How to prepare for an examination.

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Preparing for an examination?


Hello peeps, students come in, your welcome and today am on with preparations for an examination, be it external or internal, any exam needs same technique of preparation I guess.


Now for you to pass an examination you have to prepare, when I say prepare I meant ahead of time, cause that’s the secret of success in examinations, you prepare for an examinations by doing the following:


Attending lessons: When you attend lessons, you have the opportunity to ask questions and be cleared more on topics of difficulties; it makes you to understand more about a topic.


Reading hard: You read like as if it all depends on reading, so how do you read? By setting up a reading time table, and make use of it religiously, To some people, reading at night is their best option but to some they prefer reading during the day (my type). Read consistently ( every day), reading for 5 hours in a day isn’t too much is it?

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Reviewing past question papers(question bank): When you read past question papers, it exposes you to questions that are likely to be asked in the examination, it also makes you to see some questions which you think you know but you don’t( that’s right), it also makes you to understand the pattern by which questions are being set.


By reading with the exam syllabus: The exam syllabus contains all the topics from which question will be set for each subject, so reading from the syllabus will make you to read up all topics.

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Testing your self: You can test your self by answering past questions on the examinations, while testing your self, time yourself according to the time required for the exam, apply speed and accuracy. You know, one thing is knowing the answer the other things is replying to the answer, do you do it accurately? And what’s your speed like?

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By practicing what you read: When you read and practice, you learn more and understand more, subjects like physics, biology and chemistry needs practical for more understanding.


Pray hard: Pray to God like as if your success depends on prayer, remember, God first!


In conclusion, preparations for an examination should start early; looking at what I listed above, it’s not what you do under a month, I believe that by the time you have applied all of the above methods of preparations consistently, you will surely come out in flying color after the examination, and I wish you success!

(From my heart, I love you!).


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