How I trimmed my eating habits.



In recent times, I ate things just the way I wanted, wasn’t controlling what I eat, and you know that’s  not good for my health, my favorite food then was  a junk, I wasn’t really eating natural, and at that time I was eating more of carbohydrates  because most of the dishes I loved eating were carbohydrates contained.

Bread, Farmer'S Bread, Crispy, Baked

Back to reality now, something made me think about the way I eat food, like now I eat mostly fruits/vegetables, I always make sure that in every meal I eat, vegetable and fruits must be present.

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Do you know that careless eating is a bad habit which needs to be treated? Thank God I treated mine because careless eating makes one get fat especially when the food always eaten is a junk food.


I set up a meal menu that will guide me on what to eat this is how I made it.


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Carbohydrates/ fruits(vitamins) + 2 glasses of water + fats and oil Protein/vegetable(minerals)+ a fruit juice/ smoothie Little carbohydrate   + Fruit(vitamins)+ water+ vegetables(minerals)
Mango, Tropical Fruit, Juicy, Sweet

Almonds, Oil, Nutrition, Ingredient

Spinach, Egg, Potato, Eat, Food Green, Smoothie, Leafy, Greens, Spinach


Whenever I want to take a snack I go for ones that are rich in protein and vitamins and sometimes I make mine. Cooking my own food made me to be conscious of the cooking ingredients too, making sure I added a nutrient packed ingredient. I made sure to balance my food because if I lack any nutrient, my body is goanna tell.


If you are eating a lot of junk food, I think your body is missing a while lot, that’s why you should change your eating habits, if  you change the way you eat, your taste buds will equally adjust. I hardly take junks for the moment, and am so happy about that.

It’s all about being healthy!




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