How to make a coconut candy.

Good pm loves, hope your day rocks, today there is this candy I love eating and am sharing  how to make it with you today.

Home made coconut candy is  a nutritious candy made from coconut and suagar only, it is easy and fun to make.


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To prepare this you first of all break a cocnut, get out it’s fleshy endocarp, get a grater and grate it to  a vey tiny  and thin pieces, then put it in a plate. Get a  pot and heat it to dryness, if there is a little moisture in it. Then put a little amount of sugar in the pot, you will see the sugar changing from white to brown(caramelizing), then put the coconut  inside the pot and stir for a minute, then bring down the pot and get out the candy to cool, before it cools mould it into circles and allow to cool, when it cools it gets hard(not so hard) because of the caramel, so  your coconut candy is ready to be eaten. Meanwhile, you can eat it while hot if you like.

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Note that if it is difficult to be moulded it may be that the sugar was added in a low quantity or because the candy was overheated to dryness.



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