Different styles of footwears.

Foot wear is an important wear in the sense that it protects the foot from injury and damage. It adds beauty to clothing. However there are different styles and shapes footwear exist in, that we shall know in this post.


Frye is a boot with 5 inch heel, hatless belt around ankles and mid shaft with handles on the sides.



Boots, Wellies, Wellington Boots



Wellington is a rubber boot; it is waterproof and can be worn together with a round coat.


Flip flop


Flip flop is a kind of footwear with a band between the biggest toe and other toes.

Flip Flops, Summer, Blue, Beach, Sandal



Clog is a round shoe mad entirely or partially out of wood, best worn on skirts.

Shoes, Crocs, Sandals, Clogs


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girl feet in lightweight summer shoes on wooden bench

It is a flat closed toe shoe that has a closed back, traditionally made from canvass with jute sole.

Slip on

Shoes, Travel, Summer Shoes, Slip-On


It is a neither shoe that has no buttons, straps or zippers, it is easily worn.



Shoes, Color, Colorful, Sale



This is a shoe inspired by ballet slippers; it has a flat heel, closed toe, typically low cut, showing more of the foot.



 Elegant outfit. Closeup of stylish black suede ankle boots. Fashionable girl on the street. City lifestyle. Female fashion. Toned

It is a type of riding boot, ankle high, tight feet with an elastic band on the side-no laces or zippers.

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Shoes, Desert, Only, Stranger, Passenger


It is laced up in two eyelets, ankle zippers low heel and rounded toe, usually in leather or suede.



Docksides deck shoes with hand-linked toes socks

It is a laced boat shoe similar to moccasin, typically canvass or leather.



Shoes, Footwear, Feet, Leather, Fashion


It is a low leather step in shoe resembling a moccasin but with broad, flat heel.



Children's moccasins.

Woman in casual shoes in the city. Trendy fall outfit on rainy day. Stylish woman in comfortable blue suede moccasins and dark blue jeans walking on the wet pavement.

Moccasin is a soft shoe made of one piece of leather, stitched together at the top.


Winkle picker

Old shoe on a white background

It has a sharp and a pointed toe; it is popular in the UK amongst the rock n’roll fans in the 50s.

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Feet, Field, Footwear, Grass, Legs


It is a classic British closed lace up dress shoe, often with a toe cap or embellished with perforations.



Shoes, Men, Dress Shoes, Lifestyle, Man


It is a shoe held to the foot by a strap passing over the instep and usually buckled at the side.


So all of the above are the various shoe styles contained in the fashion dictionary, worn with different clothing, they come in handy.











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