How to stop being late to work and occasions.



Happy Sunday lovelies just wanted to write about late coming to every occasion and event. Like nobody loves being late, but some things causes us to be late anyways.


We say that one came late when he/she comes near the end of a period of time, if you have noticed, some people are well known for coming late, which is very bad. I think late coming is caused by unpreparedness or some other factors best known to the latecomer.


However, there are some things to do in other to prevent late coming, your problem might be waking up early or getting your clothes ready, but we’ll tackle it.

Clothes, Women'S Clothing, Shop, Woman

Majority of people especially women go late to work or occasion because they don’t know the clothes to wear, that’s unpreparedness, when it comes to clothes for going out, make sure that they are always washed and ready to be worn at any time, to save you the stress of selecting clothes, simply select the clothes you will be wearing to work for the week and get them ready on your free time.

If you have a meeting, prepare ahead of time by doing what you are supposed to do on the right time, set out clothes for the event.

Time, Clock, Watch, Pocket Watch, Hour

Sometimes, late coming can be caused by waking up late, so to prevent this, set an alarm to wake you up 2hours before the time. When you set an alarm take it away from your reach because you might off the alarm and continue sleeping when it rings.(you understand) .


Let’ss be early. Nwuru okwa n’aka were na abia.


what do you think?

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