How to handle your mobile phone.

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Hello peeps, how things?        Were going mobile today.


Every mobile phone has it’s manual which comprises of instructions on how to use it and directions, the kinds of mobile phones that are being produced these days are very fragile and equally expensive(Especially the screen touch phones) models like iphone, techno, ipod and apple phones. That’s why I decided to write this, just to alert you on the right ways of handling your mobile phone so that it will last longer for you.


I will like to start with the wrong ways of handling mobile phones and there corrections, let’s do it that way.

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Pressing your phone while charging it: Oh! a bad habit it is and it’s highly dangerous too, there is a story I heard, it’s about a girl whose face  got burnt due to the explosion of her phone, she was actually pressing the phone whilst charging it. It also damages your phone’s battery life. So if you want to charge your phone it’s best to turn if off but if you have something in mind you can leave it on, but press when it has fully charged.

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Pressing your phone when its battery is too low: This also damages its battery.


Always pressing your phone: Like are you addicted to your phone, come on you can give it some break, pressing it always is not good for it, that’s over usage.


Holding you phone carelessly or keeping it carelessly: Your phone’s screen might crack because, if you hold it carelessly it may fall off from your hand and may get damaged.


Just handle your phone wisely and you will enjoy it, because it will serve you right.






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