How to apply royal icing to a cake.


Hello guys, its food today, today am sharing how to cover a cake with icing and that’s royal icing.

Caipirinha, Muffins, Cake, Cream, Lime

The cup cakes above were decorated with royal icing and lime.

Royal icing is another type of icing which relates to fondant icing, it is easy and fun to make, check out the ingredients for making royal icing.


  • 454g icing sugar
  • 2egg whites
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice


How to mix it up to form the icing.


  1. If the icing sugar is lumpy, roll with a rolling pin before sieving.
  2. Put the egg whites into a bowl; beat slightly with a fork or a metal whisk.
  3. Add two tablespoon of sieved icing sugar and beat again.
  4. Gradually add the remainder of the icing sugar, stirring well until thick and smooth, with a good white color are obtained.
  5. Add the lemon juice and beat again.


Note: If a softer icing is required, 1 teaspoon of glycerin may be stirred in, after, this prevents the sugar from becoming brittle and facilitates cutting. if the icing is not to be used immediately, cover the bowl with a damp cloth to keep the icing soft.







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