Facts about blogging

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Hi, welcome to the blogging world, a world where there are millions of blogs, I have been a blogger for  about three years now, and I will love to tell you what I  noticed about blogging, am making it short. I must say that it is a matter of survival of the fittest.

Blogging has its advantages, it is good, but there are many facts about blogging and blogs that I think you need to know (newbie or not? Check it out).


There are thousands of blog online: Every day, new blogs are created, and every blogger tries to stand out and make his/her blog known, that’s why blogging can be competitive.


There is no perfect blog out there: Yeah, don’t think that there is a perfect blog, rather say that a blog is best (doesn’t make it perfect). That’s why you should try your best and leave the rest.


Blogging is like a work: Oh yes, if you are serious with blogging, you will do any thing to make it work, and the anything makes it a work (huge one).


Blogging is time and energy consuming: Writing and publishing blog post takes time depending on what one writes about, but for a more detailed post, it utilizes time and energy.


Traffic doesn’t just come: You must work for it, you don’t just get 1000 blog readers and followers/email subscribers in a hitch, with more hardward and SEO  you will scale through.

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To succeed as a blogger you need consistency: Being consistent helps you a lot as a blogger because you get your readers engaged by being consistent, consistency in making great blog posts and in your services online.


You must be on social media: As a blogger being on social media helps you to connect with fellow bloggers and readers, it’s a great way to share your posts and get traffic.

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So guys that’s the little facts about blogging I know, tell me more, like I really want to hear from you guys.





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