Causes of hair breakage and solutions




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A nice hair goes with a nice look, for you to have a nice, healthy and shiny hair, it starts with what you eat and your level of personal hygiene and cleanliness, while there are some hair products like shampoo, soaps and hair gels that help put the hair in a good condition but mind you not all of them do.



There are some things that makes the hair shiny and healthy while there are some that don’t, there are some problems people encounter while growing their hair especially women, I will list them, there causes and their remedy, so you don’t have to worry.


Hair breakage


Some people complain about there hair breaking or falling off when they comb their hair, so hair breakage is when your hair falls off like regularly and easily, the average man sheds up to 90  strands of hair a day which is normal but the problem is when your hair falls off too much making your hair look empty.


Causes of hair breakage

Some things and actions you take or your habit makes you loose your hair and they are as follows.

  • Regular use of hair care devices


Some people are used to using hair curling irons and heated hair dryers on their hair like always, this habit loosens the hair and makes the hair roots weak thereby making it fall off easily, heated hair care products like flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers have to be used on the hair like once in a week because too much usage will cause your hair some damage.

  • Poor dieting


I always love to say this” you are what you eat” Protein is an important nutrient which the body needs for proper hair growth. Foods that are high in sodium (salt) causes hair to shed, nuts and beans are rich in protein which is good for your hair.

  • Illness

Hair breakage can be caused due to illness, hair breakage is a good symptom of anorexia which is an eating disorder, scars that sometimes develop on the scalp may cause hair loss, and hair loss can also be a symptom of a serious disease so it would be good to visit a doctor. Maybe you are squeezing your hair too much with a towel when drying it that too causes hair breakage.

  • Using the wrong chemical treatments


Chemicals like dyes, bleaches and other hair strengthening products makes hair to fall off when over used or used the wrong way. Some of these chemicals make not be produced in the right way, imagine when an ingredient used to make shampoo is added in a high proportion during production the shampoo must show some side effects.

  • The way you sleep

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Maybe you are a wild sleeper, the friction between your hair and the pillowcase (cotton) may cause your hair to break.

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Like they say” every problem has a solution” I’ll list the solutions to hair breakage, lets countdown.


 Solutions to hair breakage


  • Buy quality hair care product that suit your hair and minimize the way you use it so you don’t overuse it on your hair.

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  • Eat foods that are rich in protein, also avoid foods that are high in sodium, don’t starve(Anorexia),eat a balanced diet and always drink water to keep your body hydrated and always eat fruits.
  • If you posses a dry hair make sure to massage your hair with olive oil to keep it free, so that when you comb, there wont be any cracking noises.
  • Minimize the use of heated devices like hair dryers and curling irons.
  • Take the right sleeping position.
  • Buy the right combs for combing.
  • Don’t comb your hair when wet

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So, I guess I have almost solved your hair breakage problem.




Dandruff is another problem people who grow their hair encounter. It is white flakes of dead skin which fall off when the hair is being combed. Dandruff is a harmless and chronic condition which some women with long and short hairs face. The pathogen is a yeast-like fungus (Malassezia globasa) it lives on the scalp feeding on skin oils.



  • Yeast: Some people who are sensitive to yeast get dandruff often.
  • Not shampooing enough: It will only make the dandruff to spread

Dry skin is the major known cause of dandruff, so the causes are not much.





  • Buy hair care products that suit your hair and minimize the way you use it to avoid over usage.
  • Eat foods that are rich in protein as it helps to develop your hair, avoid foods that are high in sodium, don’t starve, eat a balanced diet and always drink water to be hydrated.
  • If you posses a dry hair make sure to massage it with olive oil as this helps to keep your hair free, so that when you comb there won’t be any cracking noises.






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