As a student, how to read at night.


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Last year when I was preparing for my final exams in the secondary, there were some certain strategies I and my friends developed for a more effective reading, Sometimes we want to read but some things stop us from doing so, things like sleep, and here is how we fight sleep that time:


  • By reading with our legs inside water: To do this just get a half bucket of cold water, and then dip your legs inside the water and start reading, sleep hardly comes if you use apply this method.

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  • By chewing kola nut: Kola nut is known for preventing sleep, so to do this, eat the bitter kola and then start reading, you might even be awake till day breaks (TDB)through this method.

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  • By taking afternoon siestas: Sleeping for like 3-5 hours in the afternoon also helps to prevent sleep at night, if you have noticed.



Practicing the above method is fun, you got to try that. But for more effective reading there are some things you need to do, so that your body/brain will be relaxed to grab what you are reading.


Don’t over eat: If you over eat your body won’t relax and your brain won’t concentrate, and you will feel dizzy.


Take a bath before reading: When you bath before reading, you will feel fresh and cool.


Try to read on a chair and table: Don’t read on your bed, you won’t observe a good reading posture on a bed and by the ways, you may fall asleep easily.

And then you can study till day breaks iof you like.

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