How to cook Nigerian jellof rice



In Nigeria, jellof rice is a food normally used as refreshments given to guests in an occasion; it is like the Nigerians favorite dish, it is loved by many because of its sweetness and also its smoky aroma. The Nigerian jellof rice is simple and fun to cook; it is served with coca cola drinks or fruit juice. It can also be eaten in combination with fried plantain (trust me, it tastes good). Now, let’s see the ingredients for coking the Nigerian jellof rice.


Ingredients for cooking Nigerian jellof rice


Below are the ingredients for cooking Nigerian jellof rice, the ingredients are readily available in any grocery store in Nigeria. The Nigerian jellof rice is healthy for you because the ingredients used to prepare it are healthy and majority of them are unprocessed.


  • Rice
Rice, White, Raw, Grains, Cereals, Food
Raw rice grains


  • Fresh Tomatoes
Snack Tomatoes, Mini Tomatoes, Tomatoes
Fresh tomatoes



  • Groundnut oil


Olive Oil, Greek, Oil, Olive, Bottle

  • Crayfish

Shrimp, Meal, Dining, Seafood, Crayfish


  • Salt

Bowl, Salt, Wood, Wellness


  • Pepper

Sweet Peppers, Paprika, Red, Healthy



  • Onions

Onion, Chopped Onion, Red Onion


  • Garlic/ginger(optional)

Agriculture, Cooking, Food, Fruit


  • Maggi cubes


  • Benny
  • Meat( red meat or white meat of a boneless chicken)

Meat, Butcher, Display, Showcase, Fresh


  • Curry leaves


  • Carrot(optional)

Carrots, Vegetables, Market


  • Green beans(optional)

Green Beans, Cloth, Food, Vegetable


If you take a look at the above ingredients you will know that they are healthy.


Steps on how to mix the ingredients


Note that there are many styles of cooking Nigerian jellof rice but am sharing my style of cooking it. That is my own way.

There are some things you have to do before you start the cooking proper


  • Grind your tomatoes, crayfish, pepper and ginger.


  • Cook your meat, seasoning it with Benny, salt and maggi ,and get the stock aside then fry the meat.(you can season with any spice of your choice)
  • Cut your onions, green beans, curry leaves and keep them aside.


Note: The stock  you are going to use is the one you got from your meat that is the water you used to cook the meat.


Now start by:

  • Parboiling your rice, so that excess starch on the rice which makes it to stick together will be removed. Parboil and keep aside.
  • Get a clean pot; to the pot add groundnut oil, according to the quantity of rice you are cooking.
  • Add sliced onion to the pot and stir for 1 minute( lower your cooker to avoid burning the onions)
  • Now add the already grinded tomato which contain other ingredients and fry, fry it till the oil starts appearing on the surface of the pot, and fry it to make a stew.
  • Now add the stock(if it won’t be enough do well to add the required amount of water that will cook the rice)
  • Add salt, maggi, Benny and other spices you would love to use (note that the stock contains a good amount of salt, Benny and maggi so you should add a little to the stock).
  • Then cover the pot and allow boiling. (You must allow the stock to boil because if you don’t the rice may stick together in the pot making it clumpy.)
  • Stir very well and then add your rice and stir again. Cover the pot and wait for the rice to cook, when done, open the pot and add carrot and green beans to it then turn the rice.
  • If you love its smoky aroma then you will have to leave it to burn for some time.
  • Your jellof rice is ready now; just get a chilled drink to flush it down.


It’s so easy to cook the Nigerian jellof rice, share with friends.

Kimchi Fried Rice, Fried Rice, Rice
Here’s mine, i layed fried egg on top of it.






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