How to keep a neat home


When was the last time you cleaned your windows and curtains?

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When your home is dirty and lacks cleaning, some insects and pest may find it comfortable to live in. There are some important areas of a home which deserves maximum care and tidiness, areas like kitchen, toilet and bathroom.


Unfortunately some people don’t keep those areas of their homes neat, keeping a neat home starts with self neatness because if you don’t keep your self neat you possibly can’t keep your home in a neat manner. Some other areas of the home which must be kept neat and tidy are the living room (where you receive visitors, remember what they say about first impressions, it matters a lot), the bedroom, store, dinning room and veranda.

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Daily habits to keeping a neat home


Habits they say are formed after effective practice for about 21 days, endeavor to practice the following effectively.


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  • Immediately after you finish using the toilet make sure you flush it, always mob your toilet at least 2 times in a week( includes removing cobwebs and cleaning windows)
  • Immediately you wake up in the morning dress your bed, don’t just jump out and rush to work, if you don’t do it immediately some things might just take your time and you won’t do it.
  • Arrange you clothes in an orderly manner, after your pack in your dried cloths do well to arrange them immediately, iron the rumpled ones, it wouldn’t be nice if someone enters your room and meets your clothes scattered in every corner of your room, this shows that you don’t give a careful eye to the clothes you wear, create out a space for unwashed clothes.
  • Don’t cook on a dirty kitchen, well I guess your kitchen is dirty because you did not clean it up the last time you cooked, in a dirty kitchen you will find unwashed cooking equipments, dirty sink and traces of sand on the floor. The kitchen should be kept clean because it is where we cook the food that keeps us alive. So do the needful in your kitchen.

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  • Get a carton or a box and build a space for arranging your shoes so that it won’t be noticed in your room.
  • Change your bed sheet after one week of usage and wash immediately.
  • Keep a clean dinning table.
  • Always dust your chairs, tables and TV sets.
  • Try to brush your bathroom floor every four days to prevent it from becoming slippery.


These habits will benefit you and make things a lot easier for you; maybe your problem is finding time to do all these, planning things and doing things when right will resolve things for you in some way.


Reasons you should keep a neat home


  • When people visit your home and it is neat and tidy, they tag you as a neat person and will like visiting you at home.
  • Where ever you find yourself, whether in college or dorm you will still practice neatness because it is a habit you have formed.
  • People will always identify you as a neat person, it will change the way people think about you
  • It improves your personality.


Being neat and keeping a neat house are just two sides of a coin. Lets do this!




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