How to promote your blog contents.

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Happy day guys, still on blogging basics here.


Promoting a blog content is   sort of publicizing a blog post as in making it reach people, blog content promotion is a good way to drive real traffic to a blog apart from the organic traffic gotten from search results. There are so many ways you can  promote your blog contents.


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Through social media: I know that it’s not news to you that a blogger is supposed to be present on at least three  social media platforms if not all, in some sites majority of their traffic sources is from social media, the best social media app which is Facebook has been marked as number one traffic generator, followed by Google plus, you have to utilize them very well, some blogging platforms like WordPress and blogger automatically share posts immediately they are published if the  blogger is connected to them. It can be difficult for your post to reach a good amount of internet users through google search, but it’s more effective using social media, here is  a list of social media platforms you can use to publicized your blog content:

Icon, Social Networks, Facebook, Twitter

Facebook, google+, twitter, tumbler, wattsap, instagram(photos) and linkledn. , you can also share it in a social media group.

Social Network, Facebook, Network

Through emails: This is more effective if you have email subscribers, it will be easy to be publicized.


Through friends: If you published a post, share to your friends, tell them to share to their friends and that’s how the post spreads out, from friend to friend. (chilling right)



Paid advertising: You know that you must put in before you get out, so through paid advertising on social media like Facebook your blog post can reach a good amount of audience.


So these are the ways you can promote your blog contents apart from oral publicity.


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