How to be a consistent blogger.


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Hello lovelies, got something to say today and it’s about consistency in blogging.


Consistency in terms of blogging is when one is always writing, updating his/her blog, it’s simply when one blogs always. Being consistent as a blogger goes a long way in improving your blog and its level of traffic. When a blogger posts once in a week ( seriously) I don’t think he or she is being consistent, If a blogger is not consistent he/she tends to loose blog readers and the blog’s traffic will be lowered. Below are the ways by which you can be consistent in blogging.

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By writing/scheduling posts always: Since its all about uploading new content, you gat to write always, You need to carve out time to write blog posts, but to write you need ideas right?, Ok let me tell you how I do mine, since am a student blogger( always busy) I will schedule posts that will run through the week, I then start writing for the next week, I write using Microsoft word, when am done writing I save it. Before the week runs out I will map out a day to upload and schedule those posts in my blog. About getting ideas, I run a lifestyle blog so sometimes I get ideas from things around me and daily happenings. If you know you won’t have the time to blog for a day its better you schedule posts for your readers, because they will be expecting something from you. Not that you should post everyday.


There are websites and blogs that are always updated, that’s why we always get their news, being consistent rocks! When your blog content is always so good and sound and you write always, then you are going to enjoy blogging.


Replying to comments is also a part of being consistent; your readers will not like to wait for a week before you reply   to there comment on your blog(great turn off I guess)


what do you think?

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