Advantages of blogging

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Hello guys, its blogging today! Hope someone is smilling?

Are you a newbie in the blogging world or are you planning to launch a new blog/website, you need to know the advantages of what you are getting into, creating a blog is easy using any of the blogging platforms which are; wordpress, tumblr, ipage, blogger and so on, but the best blogging platform is wordpress (compared, tested and comfirmed). These days blogging has become an option for internet lovers and it’s a great medium for self expression. Blogging has so many advantages to render to you and that’s what we will be looking at today, effective bloggging is a matter of passion (bear that in mind)



Advantages of blogging


Blogging makes you to get connected: Through blogging you are given the opportunity to interact with other high graded bloggers and possibly you can make friends with them, blogging helps you make friends online (and that’s a good way to promote blog content) It makes people know you and what you do.

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It exposes you to many things: Maybe your blog is based on a niche that needs a well detailed post, niches like health, tech and science. You need to perform an  extra research in addition to what you already know about the topic you want to write about, so that it will flow in easily. Through blogging you become more enlightened in things pertaining to your blogging niche. It expands your knowledge.


It gives money: That’s the fun part of it “making money online” You can make money online through ads placing or through affiliate marketing, and that is selling things you blog about, for example if you blog about fashion you can engage in selling clothes online, the affiliate marketing method is highly beneficial to bloggers who are blogging about a niche (no combinations), bloggers who blog  almost about everything may  sometimes find it difficult to affiliate market.

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Blogging makes you think big: The blogging world is filled with over 10,000 blogs, and note that everyday new blogs are being created, so for you to stand out and be noticed, you have to think big, you gat to write great content, you got to work real hard and develop your writing skills, grammar, punctuation skills and you have to do a lot of brainstorming.

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It gives you the opportunity to solve people’s problems: And it’s satiating  knowing that you have solved someone’s problem.


you will find out other advantages of blogging by yourself(experience should tell). Blogging is good but just like a saying” Anything that has an advantage equally has a disadvantage” soon I will b writing on the disadvantages of blogging so don’t miss out. Love you guys! And oh I love blogging!




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  1. I disagree with you about only covering one topic. There are multi topic blogs out there that are successful ( is one of my personal favorites). I’m not saying niche blogs are wrong, if that works for you, hell, go for it! It’s easier IF you are passionate about your topic of choice.

    However, some bloggers (myself included) like to cover 4-5 different topics. Multi niche blogs can be successful but only when they’re organized and easy to navigate.


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