How to write a quality content on your blog/website



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Hi…Maybe you just created a blog or you have been running a blog…blogging I must say isn’t that easy depending on your niche,some niches like health,fitness,travel,photography,science, food etc needs post to be detailed and understandable but how can you make your post to be of great quality?.

As a blogger you have to be consistent,I mean you have to post at least 5-10 post a week,and that needs a lot of brainstorming and ideas,to make it easy for you write an editorial list, immediately you get an idea write it down.

while writing a post you have to meet Google’s seo standards with regards to the title of the post,(your title should not be more than 100 characters and you should make it explanatory), keywords(your title should also contain your key words),headlines,pictures and length of the post.when it comes to lengthy post Google assumes its detailed and of high quality.

The first step to writing a quality post is to write about a topic you know,this gives you authority and your post will be detailed,your readers will understand you and when they ask you questions you will be able to answer them correctly. Even if you don’t know much about a topic do some research but that doesn’t mean you should copy and paste a fellow bloggers work”copy scape”.

The second step is to make your post readable… you may be a master in English language but mind the words you use so that your readers will grab without checking their dictionary. Break your post with paragraphs and sub-headings use bold/clear font,sometimes I use a different font for sub heading.
Make your post interesting and a bit chatty, to write to write in a conversational tone that is writting asif you are talikng to someone. Make use of bullets when necessary.
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The third step is to make it explanatory by using photos, the photo should be of good quality,I get ย  free photos online from sites like pixabay and pexels. let your post solve your readers problems.

The fourth step is to avoid errors by proof reading,this is important because you might have made some mistakes while writing, so the time for proof reading is a time for correction,atimes I give my friend to proof read for me.You won’t find your grammatical and spelling errors until you proof read. To avoid some spelling errors after writting check using a spellcheck option in your wordprocessor.

You can now publish your post, I prefer writing in a word processor,proof read and then copy to my blog this gives me time and saves some MBs .provided you enjoy blogging writing a blog post won’t be a problem.

Remember that your blog content counts when it comes to getting Adsense’s approval… so keep on writing.


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