What’s hindering you from sucess?



Being succesfull is an attitude!

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We all want to be successful in life and in what ever we do, to be great and prosperous. There is this saying” whether you fail or succeed it all lies in your own hands” meaning that no one does it for you, but you yourself.


In life comes many opportunities, the thing is for you to grab it once it comes, but unfortunately some people are too blinded that they don’t know when an opportunity comes their way.

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There are many things that hinder you from success and that is you doing the following.


  • Fear: ok, you fear of how great you are going to become, or you have the fear that you are going to be more successful than some other people out there, well it’s time to wake up and do the needful, remember it’s your life, you want to make a mark? This is your great opportunity to do so, therefore get up and get your hands dirty.
  • Lack of determination: They say determination is the key to success, determination is just like a force that pushes you to success, it gives you the morale to be focused on what you are working on, as a student it is determination that will make 6ou t0 burn the midnight candle reading.
  • Bad influence: The people around you makes or mares your life, the kind of friends you keep determines whether you will be successful or not, check the kind of friends you have, ask your self this question” what has she/he done to my life?”.
  • Lack of vision: You set goals yes, but you don’t have a vision for that goal, I mean you don’t view in your mind how things are going to be in the next 3-5 years .
  • Laziness: Its actually not a time to let the sleeping dog lie, if you don’t work, you surely won’t eat, that’s how it is, so it’s time to get your hands dirty, remember that while you were asleep someone else was working, three things that won’t contribute to your greatness are these: food, sleep and anger. They don’t add a pin to your life, They say “No pain no gain” The body wants to rest always, it doesn’t want disturbance, that is why when you get a book to read, you fall asleep, when you read you are feeding your soul and not the body, it’s possible that some people spent 33 years of their life sleeping.

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  • Lack of discipline: When you lack discipline you are not helping matters at all, there are some things you must not do if you want to be successful, a good name is better than riches, Eat when you are supposed to eat, sleep when you are supposed to, go out with friends when you are supposed to, I mean always do the right things at the right time. High level of sound discipline will lead you to success. Time is precious don’t waste it on what you know won’t improve your life.

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  • Forsaking your creator: You put your creator first in every thing you do in life.


So after knowing all this are you still going to sit there and fold your hands?  no , its time for you to work hard, its time for your hands to get dirty, always remember this,  no pain no gain, don’t fear any man here, it’s time for you to take risks,  don’t be a dummy, don’t be cold, you know what you want to become and where you want to be in the next 5 years, so start now to work towards it.

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Spend wisely, buy things that are actually needed not always wanted.



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