How to make tigernut milk(joro)

Lovelies, there is this drink I love so much, thats tigernut milk drink, so today i want to tell you guys how to make it, trust me, its sweet, delicious and nutritious. Tiger nut milk. Horchata de chufa.

Tiger nuts are sweet and they can be eaten raw, I love chewing it in combination with peanuts (You got to try that). Tiger nuts has its benefits to health, it contains fiber in a high proportion, tiger nuts can be transformed into a smoothie or should I call it a drink called tiger nut milk( also called guero in Hausa language) The milk is mainly gotten from tiger nut, it is not a junk food because of the healthy ingredients contained in it and also the preparation methods, don’t worry you will soon agree with me.

Ingredients for making Tiger nut milk

  • Coconut : you only need the fleshy endocarp

Coconut, Food, Gastronomy, White

  • Dates: fresh dates

Dates, Medjool, Fruit, Dried Fruit

  • Ginger: well that’s to add flavor to it

Ginger, Ingber, Immerwurzel, Root, Sharp

  • Sugar/honey: To improve its taste

Lump Sugar, Sugar, Cubes, White, Sweet

  • Water: The basic ingredient

Bottle, Mineral Water, Bottle Of Water

I assume you have bought the above ingredients, now this is what you will do a day before the production, you are going to soak the tiger nut(only) In water to soften it, and make the grinding process easy.

I assume that today is the day of the production, so you will follow these steps.

  • Wash out the soaked tiger nut from water
  • Peel your ginger, wash your dates, and get out the fleshy part of your coconut
  • Wash them all and grind
  • After grinding, sieve with a cloth (cotton or chiffon material will be perfect) .
  • Then add a little honey or sugar
  • Stir and fill into containers, leave it in the refrigerator to cool.

It can be served with a snack example meat pie, see how to make meat pie here.


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