How to make fondant icing

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 Today, i thought to share this stuff about cake icing, i just made a cake last week ith a good friend of mine, some people find it difficult tto apply fondant icing, maybe somethings ruin it, but I’ll be  clear in today’s post.

Last week Thursday I was making a birthday cake with a friend and we applied fondant icing to the cake.(note that there is another type of icing called royal icing)Fondant icing is delicious and can last for days, that is to say that it does not perish easily.


 Now let’s start with the equipments for making fondant icing:

  • A rolling pin

    Valentines Day Background

  •  A bowl

  • gas cooker or stove(for heating water)

  • a smooth board or a work table

  •   And a smoother to smooth-en  the edges

And that’s all for the equipment.


Now the ingredients:

 Icing sugar is the basic ingredient

  • Icing sugar
  •  Color(your choice)

  • butter

  • cornflour

  • glucose

  • water

  • c.m.c(carboxylmethylcellulose)

And that’s all you need,the list is not it?


 Your clothes must be ready by now, you just keep it aside to cool off and then you prepare the icing.
  • Get a bowl,to the bowl add sieved corn flour and c.m.c

  •  Stir and keep aside

  •  Add water to a pot and heat

  •  Get a metal plate ,add gelatine and glucose and stir

  •  Put the plate with the mixture of  gelatin and  glucose inside the pot and stir till it dissolves

  •  Then pour the mixture in the metal plate inside the bowl of icing sugar and c.m.c and knead

  •  Add a little amount of hot water if it becomes too hard.

  •  Knead it to a circle shape and then transfer to the smooth board

  •  To the board rub cornflour and roll the icing to your a size that will cover your cake

  • now roll out the size you need and cover the cake then design.

    Its easy, you just need to get things right.


Make yours to be outstanding.


what do you think?

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