How to keep a neat house as a single.

Hello peez, let’s talk about singles today, i am a single and maybe you are too, it’s all about keeping the house/rooms clean as a single.

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Some people are too busy to the extent that they don’t have the time to clean up their rooms or tidy their house, especially singles and more on working parents. While I was in school I’ll admit that some times I leave my apartment untidy before going out because I didn’t have the time to tidy it. You might be having this problem too, but today am going to tell you the ways and habits I practiced to conquer the act. Sometimes our houses are untidy due to laziness.

They say that a habit is form within 21 days, so serious practice of what  am going to tell you now will help.



I assume you are a worker who needs to report to the office before 8:30, if so, you are supposed to wake up early and prepare ahead of time to avoid rushing out and leaving things undone. Before you sleep for the day male sure you select the clothes, shoes and bag you will wear to work the next morning.

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Make your bed immediately you wake up: before you leave your room immediately you wake up make your bed/change the bed sheets if need be this will save you time and energy of making it later.

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I use this brush for sweeping.

Sweep your room: Before attending to any other thing, after you must have finished dressing your bed, sweep your room, keep your broom around a corner in your room so it will be easily reached to. After sweeping your room, still holding your broom at hand, sweep other parts of your house that needs sweeping/ and also dust some places too.


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Wash your dishes: While preparing your breakfast use that time to  wash your used/unwashed plates and also make it a habit to wash your plate/spoon immediately after eating. If you are going to take lunch to work you need to wake up early and prepare it you know.


Do other things you are supposed to do in the morning and off you go.


Back from work?


Immediately you get back from work, remove your clothes and other accessories and put them where they are supposed to be to avoid scattering of clothes and shoes in your home.


During your free days take your time to mob and scrub your house, wipe your windows and wash your windows. Avoid any form of dirtiness in your cooking area. Wash all your cooking equipment immediately after cooking.

I tell you that when you are used to all of the above, things will be a lot better for you.






what do you think?

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