Facts about belly fat



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Is your belly big (pot bellied)or is it flat, well to find out simply go and stand in front  of your mirror, raise your blouse or shirt to reveal your stomach area, then breath in and  out, then look at the shape of your stomach(is it that big of pretty flat?).

Belly fat also called stomach fat is found in the mid-section of the body. Normally, fat is being stored underneath the skin while some are found around the body organs; women tend to store more of body fat around the midsectionof the body that is the belly. Now, belly fat I must say isn’t good at all because it can affect the health of your body organs, belly fat partially disfigures you, and it can make you be choosy when it comes to wearing clothes (that’s if you really care).


The fact is, your stomach might be bloated or might be filled with fat, bloating is when the stomach is filled with gases from the food eaten, sometimes those gases leave the body during the process of farting. See causes of bloating.

Belly fat don’t just appear, there are some things we do without knowing its helps in belly fat  development and they are as follows:



Causes of belly fat


  • Over eating: when you over eat, you gain weight and the more you gain weight you gain fat and this makes the fat to go to the belly and accumulate. Excess food is stored in the body as fat.
  • Lack of exercise: some people take exercise for granted, but people who know the importance of exercise and do it benefit from it, when you exercise you burn off some fat and build more muscle. More over exercise also helps to burn off belly fat and flatten the belly especially cardiovascular exercises, some other exercises that help burn belly fat are written here


  • Eating too much junk food: Junk food makes you eat more, they don’t actually quench hunger rather they activate hunger making you to overeat and gain more fat, and excess carbohydrate is converted to glucose which the body stores as glycogen and sugar.

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So all of the above enhances the development of belly fat.On my next post I’ll be writing how to burn belly fat and also a picture of foods that burn belly fat.




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